Student Blog

Welcome to my new student blog page! I will be posting various materials and articles here to assist you in your daily practice. You can also ask me any questions you may have. I hope this will help all of you as you continue to grow as individual musicians. Happy practicing!

Best of Violin

In the link below are some of my favorite violinists performing some of my favorite pieces. Let me know what were your favorites. Who is your favorite composer or violinist? Enjoy!!


Best of Viola

If you feel like the viola is always stuck as the harmony, I have made a playlist of some great violists that will show you what an awesome solo instrument the viola can be! I will keep adding to it as I find more and more incredible viola performances. Have fun!!


Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Dr. Suzuki, the founder of the Suzuki Method, had an incredible love for the violin and for teaching. His method embodies the idea the every child can learn and he believed that music could change the world. Dr. Suzuki wanted to develop not just great musicians, but more importantly wonderful people. Read more about Dr. Suzuki's life and method below.

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Detroit Symphony Orchestra Soundcard

The Soundcard is a membership available to any student with a student ID. It unlocks tickets for the entire season to the DSO for just $25. You choose from the best available seats and you can bring up to two guests for only $5 each!

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